Our organization recognizes the special needs of the investment community in the selection of C-level management teams.  We believe that executive brainpower is an asset that is being acquired along with the business itself. By actively assisting in human capital assessment and selection we significantly reduce the risk that is inherent in acquiring incumbent management teams.

We believe that our unique approach of linking the leadership pipeline with deal-flow  provides a highly desired synergy between investment capital and value creation execution.  We believe that the best strategies will fail if the right management team is not in place to execute them.  Accordingly, it is equally important to properly value who you are acquiring as well as what you are acquiring.

There are special demands presented by the typical private equity sponsored environment.  Executives who have operated historically in the context of ample financial and organizational resources are not “shoe ins” to succeed in a highly leveraged organization with lean people resources.  In addition, private equity sponsors most often have an exit strategy that dictates a short runway for success. This suggests that velocity of execution is paramount.  In other words, a new breed of executive leadership is required.